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Korean man hangs self as wife stands by watching him die

CHONBURI province police were saddened at discovering that a Korean businessman who hanged himself today (Sept. 30) did so while his wife stood close by watching him without urging him to stop nor helping him as he struggled just before dying, Sanook.com reported.

Pol. Lt. Col. Thirathat Trunchan, an investigator at Nong Prue station in Bang Lamung district, got a report at 3.30 p.m. today that a man had committed suicide in this subdistrict so rushed to his house to find out the details.

At the two-storey house he found Mr. Park Jinwoo, 43, lying dead beneath an air-conditioner mounting base outside his home after his friend, also a Korean, had cut the rope and brought him down, then promptly contacting the police. 

What made the policeman suspicious was that the nylon rope used in the hanging had been wound around the neck several times.

The guard told the policeman that the deceased Korean businessman had lived in this house together with his wife and two children aged, six and eight.

He added that before his death he did hear the couple quarreling but did not pay attention to it.

As Pol. Lt. Col. Thirathat was suspicious of the manner of the Korean man’s death, he got a special police team to check the surveillance camera footage.

This showed that the Korean man’s wife stood by as he stood high up with the rope looped around his neck and attached to the mounting base. He then jumped, struggled and died without her having done anything to stop him nor help him survive.

Police have gathered all the evidence and have taken his body to Banglamung Hospital for an autopsy.


Top: A composite image showing police investigators at work. Thai headline says, “Letting wife see him dying.” Photo: Sanook.com

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