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Dad accidentally kills son while hunting

A HEARTBROKEN man in Phrae province said today (April 5) that he accidently shot dead his son after mistaking him for a wild boar when both of them were hunting in the forest near their village, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Mr Sawang Ruenthem, 66, said the last words his son, Suriyong, 39, uttered were, “why did you shoot me?”

He added that it was his son who invited him to go hunting in the forest because it was raining  and the wild beasts would be coming out. Once in the forest they split up to go in different directions. After a while he saw something black and thought it was a wild boar so fired his shotgun and inadvertently hit his son right on the chest.

After finding out it was his son he had shot he gave him smelling salts and then called his friends in the village to help out. He carried his son out on a bamboo pole sling but he died on the way.

He added that he is grief-stricken by what happened because his wife died not too long ago from heart disease and there now only remains his young daughter who has just completed sixth grade.

Mrs. Radab Khamkeaw, head Thung Laeng Subdistrict Administrative Organization, came to comfort the family and has posted bail for Sawang.

“How can a father go and kill his son? I have confidence in him and initially have posted 100,000 baht cash to bail him out, ”said Mrs. Radab said.


Top: Sawang and the shotgun he used to accidentally kill his son. Photo: Thai Rath


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