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Thammanat threatens to take back major agriculture agency amid tussle with Chaiya


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

AGRICULTURE MINISTER THAMMANAT Prompao said today (Nov.1) he may consider taking a major department back under his control from Deputy Agriculture Minister Chaiya Promma if conflict of interest between the both of them remains unsettled.

The Palang Pracharath agriculture minister confirmed that he has the lawful authority to reshuffle different departments and agencies attached to the Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives for a couple of his deputies to run wherever he deems fit and appropriate and that the major department might probably be returned to him from the Pheu Thai deputy agriculture minister at any time.

Thammanat said the conflict of interest in a certain relatively significant agency over which Chaiya may have preferred to take charge should be resolved once and for all after he had already consulted with Pheu Thai wheeler-dealer Phumtham Wechayachai about it. Phumtham, largely viewed as a right-hand man of de facto Pheu Thai boss/”sickly” inmate Thaksin Shinawatra, has been named deputy prime minister-cum-commerce minister.

The Palang Pracharath secretary-general-cum-agriculture minister was referring to a relatively significant agency such as the Livestock Department which he may finally take back from the “piece-of-work” deputy agriculture minister.

The Pheu Thai and Ruam Thai Sang Chart deputy agriculture ministers have been assigned by Thammanat to take care of four departments and agencies each.

Chaiya, the Pheu Thai deputy agriculture minister, is currently in charge of the Royal Rainmaking & Agricultural Aviation Department, the Sericulture Department, the Dairy Farming Promotion Organization and the Livestock Department whilst Ruam Thai Sang Chart deputy agriculture minister Anucha Nakhasai is currently in charge of the Rice Department, the Land Development Department, the Fish Marketing Organization and the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodities & Food Standards.

However, Thammanat has reportedly instructed all senior personnel attached to these departments and agencies under care of either one of his deputies to constantly keep him informed of their respective operations, albeit in discreet fashion, whilst funding for any department-level projects which may have been approved by either deputy agriculture minister is yet to be finally endorsed by him.

Thammanat who has taken over the lion’s share for most of the relatively significant departments and agencies attached to the Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives said that was the way he was obliged to follow when he was a deputy agriculture minister in a previous Palang Pracharath-led coalition government.


Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompao. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

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