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Songkhla news editor among 3 nabbed for drugs


A NEWS EDITOR of a local newspaper in southern Songkhla province was among three suspects arrested on drug charges today (Jan. 6), Naewna newspaper said.

A team of Border Patrol Police, 44th Ranger Forces Regiment and 5th Infantry Division led by Mr. Phongsathorn Thammachat, director of the Office of Narcotics Control Board in Songkhla, rounded up Mr. Koder (surname withheld), 36, Mr. Paradorn, 35, and Mr. Diwantrian, 49, a Malaysian national.

Paradorn had a press card identifying him as a news editor of a provincial newspaper. 

Found during a search of their residences in Sadao, a tourist town near Thai-Malaysian border, were 20 methamphetamine pills, 200 grammes of heroin, drug paraphernalia and four mobile phones.

The three of them were rounded up after another drug suspect, Mr. Muhammad Gadrafi who after being caught with some heroin in his possession in Sai Buri district, Pattani province, had told the authorities he had purchased it from Paradorn.

Mohammad was then told to contact the suspects to buy drugs from them leading to their arrest. Heroin was obtained from Diwantrian, the Malaysian national who is accused of selling drugs along the border.

Further investigation is being undertaken as it is believed that the suspects are part of a large drug network operating along the border and a lot more drugs are hidden in the area.

The three suspects were charged with possessing narcotics and selling methamphetamine/amphetamine.


The news editor being arrested on drug charges today, Jan. 6, 2023. Photos: Naewna

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