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Pheu Thai-led coalition govt officially declared


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE SETUP OF A PHEU THAI-LED COALITION government was officially declared at parliament today (Aug.21).

A total of 11 parties with a combined force of 314 MPs on their side have formed up the coalition government following the May 14 election with the Pheu Thai under de facto party boss Thaksin Shinawatra being core of the coalition.

Cabinet portfolios have been initially allocated at the ratio of 9:1 between the number of MPs which each coalition partner has in hand and the number of ministerial seats to assume respectively.

The Pheu Thai as the country’s second largest elected party with 141 MPs has 15 ministerial seats, the Bhumjaithai with 71 MPs under de facto party boss Newin Chidchob has eight ministerial seats, the Palang Pracharath with 40 MPs led by Prawit “Uncle Pom” Wongsuwan has four ministerial seats, the Ruam Thai Sang Chart with 36 MPs under de facto party boss Prayut “Uncle Tu” Chan-o-cha has four ministerial seats, the Chart Thai Pattana with 10 MPs led by Varawut Silpa-archa has one ministerial seat and the Prachachart with nine MPs led by House Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha has one ministerial seat.

Without a doubt, none of the de facto bosses of those coalition partners showed up among those leading partisan figures during today’s press conference at parliament to witness the official declaration of the Pheu Thai-led coalition government since nothing about their behind-the-scenes, power-playing roles is ultimately official.

Though all MPs attached to those coalition partners will certainly vote Pheu Thai candidate Srettha Thavisin for prime minister in tomorrow’s joint House/Senate meeting, it remains to be seen whether at least 61 senators will cast yea votes for him as well.

The prime-ministerial contestant is legally obliged to get a minimum of 375 yea votes, accounting for more than half the combined total of 498 MPs and 249 senators who are currently performing as lawmakers.


Top: Leaders and representatives of the 11 parties in the Pheu Thai-led coalition government hold raised hands after officially declaring it at Parliament this afternoon.

Front Page: Pheu Thai leader Chonlanan Srikaew announcing the set up of the coalition government. Both photos: Matichon

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