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Senator says difficult for Srettha to be voted prime minister


SENATOR Chadej Insawang said today (Aug. 17) from sounding out the other senators on voting for Pheu Thai’s prime-ministerial candidate Srettha Thavisin it appears most of them have already made up their minds and it will be difficult for him to get the required amount of votes as these senators are concerned about tax evasion charges raised by political activist Chuwit Kamolvisit, Naewna newspaper said.

Additionally it is uncertain whether Srettha will give an explanation at the next House/Senate meeting to vote for a prime minister scheduled for Aug. 22.

His citing not giving a speech to the parliamentary meeting because both Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit did not do so does not hold up because the situation has changed, Chadej said.

Senators are also concerned about Pheu Thai have clearly stated that if they get to form the government they will move to amend the whole constitution and appoint a Constitution Drafting Assembly  to draft an entirely new constitution at the very first cabinet meeting.

“These factors are not conducive to Srettha being accepted by senators. The constitution states that it is the senators’ duty in considering the person named the prime minister and so senators have to ensure they do not lack qualifications and are clearly honest,” he said.

Asked if Srettha is not approved as prime minister on Aug. 22 would senators approve Pheu Thai’s other candidate Paetongtarn Shinawatra or someone from a third party instead, Chadej replied that he could answer this question because politics constantly changes.

This morning Chuwit met Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn and filed a complaint against Sansiri Plc and a group of people who allegedly acted as nominees in the purchase of two pricy land plots.

Srettha as president of Sansiri Plc. was accused of being embroiled in the alleged corruption-ridden, zigzagging property business in the purchase of a parcel of land in a lush Thong Lor area.

Srettha and Sansiri were also alleged to be involved in evasion of 521 million baht in personal income tax for the 1.57-billion-baht sale of a parcel of land on Sarasin road in the lucrative Sathorn area.

Pol. Gen. Surachet, nicknamed Big Joke, said his team will investigate this whole case to ensure that the truth emerges in a straightforward manner.

Evidence will be collected and if any wrongdoing is found action will be taken on that part.


Top and Front Page: Pheu Thai prime-ministerial candidate Srettha Thavisin, left,  and Senator Chadej Insawang, right, above, and Srettha alone, Front Page. Both photos: Thai Rath

Insert: Political activist Chuwit Kamolvisit handing over papers to National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn. Photo: Matichon

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