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Tangled cables in Sukhumvit soi 15 catch fire


A BUNCH of tangled electrical and communication cables caught fire in Sukhumvit Soi 15 this morning (Aug. 18) yet fortunately the blaze was quickly extinguished, TV Channel 7 said.

Charlie CB 245 Radio issued an alert at 11.08 a.m. that a fire was racing through these street-side cables in this soi with firefighters from Khlong Toei station and volunteers from Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department rushing there.

They used both chemicals and water to quickly put out the fire racing along these wires.

Initially it was assumed that a short-circuit on one of the communication cables triggered the blaze that spread to the power lines.


Cables ablaze, left, and after the fire was put out, right. Composite photo: TV Channel 7

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