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Polling agency wants to knock out Move Forward: Rangsiman


MOVE FORWARD spokesman Rangsiman Rome this evening (June 10) said the Election Commission’s decision to investigate whether party leader and prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat had violated sections 42(3) and 151 of the election organic law was tantamount to kicking and trying to cut off the party’s legs but this will fail, TV Channel 7 said.

While the polling agency will likely verify Pita as MP along with the others, it remains to be seen whether it will lodge a criminal lawsuit against him for allegedly being disqualified to contest the nationwide election, given his holding a 0.0035% share in an off-air ITV channel.

Attacking Move Forward this way is clearly a political move, Rangsiman said, but pointed out that as the accused is innocent until proven guilty Pita could still become prime minister with court procedures taking a long time.

Rangsiman also urged the other partners in the eight-party coalition government not to mix this case with their political move.

The polling agency’s action could be a repeat of what happened to the Future Forward Party four years ago but this only led to more people now supporting the Move Forward Party, he pointed out.

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit used to lead the Future Forward Party that the Constitutional Court dissolved over a loan it received from him and it was then practically renamed as the Move Forward Party.

Future Forward got 6,330,617 votes leading to 81 of its MPs being elected in the 2019 general election yet it was dissolved.

In the May 14, 2023 general election Move Forward got 14,438,851 votes, more than any other party, with this shocking the powers-that-be.

As to whether the 250 unelected senators who join the 500 MPs in voting for the prime minister, necessitating at least 367 yea votes, would vote for Pita, Rangsiman said he believes the senators are not united and as Move Forward and its seven partners have altogether 312 MPs  this is a compelling reason for them to listen to the voice of the people.


Top and Front Page: Move Forward spokesman Rangsiman Rome. Photos: Thai Rath

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