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Pita to be verified as MP regardless of possible lawsuit


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MOVE FORWARD LEADER/PRIME minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat will very likely be verified as MP among others, no matter if any legal action might possibly be filed against him by the Election Commission at a later date, confirmed the polling agency’s secretary-general Sawaeng Boonmee today (June 9).

The Election Commission which is currently proceeding with the verification process for those who have won the May 14 election in both party-listed and constituency-based modes is largely speculated to get it done and promptly announce it to the public later this month.

Among the verified MP-designates will very likely be the Move Forward leader and prime minister-designate against whom the commissioners are yet to decide at a later date whether they may lodge a criminal lawsuit, according to the polling agency’s secretary-general.

It remains to be seen whether the polling agency will lodge a criminal lawsuit against Pita who topped the Move Forward list of candidates running in party-listed mode for allegedly being disqualified to contest the nationwide election, given his holding a 0.0035% share in an off-air ITV channel.

Meanwhile, a Move Forward-led, eight-partner coalition commanding a combined force of 312 MPs has already been set up with Pita to take the helm of government.

Shortly after the MPs have been verified and publicly announced, the elected lawmakers may convene in the first House session to pick a House speaker which will be followed at a one-week interval by a joint House/Senate session to vote Pita for prime minister.


Top: Election Commission Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee, right, and Move Forward leader and prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat, left.

Front Page: Election Commission Secretary-General Sawaeng Boonmee. Both photos: Matichon

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