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4 dead, scores injured as fireworks warehouse explodes in Narathiwat


A VIOLENT explosion at a firecracker warehouse in southern Narathiwat province this afternoon (July 29) killed four people and injured 90 others with many still trapped in their damaged houses as rescuers have difficulty in reaching them, Sanook.com said.

At 3 p.m. Su-ngai Kolok charity web page posted a message that an explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Muno market area, Muno subdistrict, Su-ngai Kolok district, had caused widespread damage to houses and shops in the area.

This explosion comes just five days after a firecracker factory in Chiang Mai exploded leaving 10 people injured and some houses damaged.

While it was initially reported that four people had died and 90 were injured, it remained unknown how many were still trapped in their damaged houses.

Rescuers were unable to quickly reach them because the firecrackers were still exploding. A huge firecracker exploded as firefighters and rescuers closed in, leading to some of them being injured.

Muno market has suffered extensive damage with several shops and houses levelled. This is Su-ngai Kolok’s biggest distribution centre at the Thai-Malaysian border.


Extensive damage caused by the fireworks warehouse blast. Photos: Sanook.com

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