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As Khanun forms, China warns of third typhoon in three weeks


By Reuters – published by CNA and Thai Newsroom

Beijing – Chinese forecasters on Saturday (July 29) warned of the approach of Tropical Storm Khanun, which is expected to rapidly gain typhoon strength and strike China’s densely populated coast sometime next week.

Khanun, now more than 1,000km east of the Philippine archipelago in the Pacific, may make landfall in China’s economically important Zhejiang province as early as Tuesday, Chinese forecasters said.

Typhoons are common in China, often threatening big cities. As many as 150 Chinese cities suffer from flooding each year due to inadequate drainage systems, disrupting local economies and even claiming lives.

As the Western Pacific enters its peak typhoon season in August and September, scientists warn storms could grow more frequent and violent due to global warming. Khanun would be the third typhoon to hit China after the powerful Doksuri on Friday and Talim just a week earlier.

Global average sea surface temperatures hit 21 degrees Celsius in late March and remained at record levels for the time of year throughout April and May. In the Florida Keys last week, the surface ocean temperature soared to abnormally high levels.

Temperatures on land have also smashed records this year as heatwaves ravaged much of the Northern Hemisphere – from Canada and the United States to the Mediterranean, India and China.

A remote township in northwest China endured temperatures of 52.2 degrees Celsius earlier this month, setting a new record for the country.

Weather forecast for Thailand

During July 29 – August 4, a moderate monsoon trough will move down and spread across the upper North, upper Laos and upper Vietnam then turn into a low-pressure cell over the Gulf of Tonkin. Meanwhile, a rather strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf.

More rain is likely across the country with isolated heavy falls in the North, the Northeast, the Central region including Bangkok metropolitan area and the South. Isolated very heavy showers could occur in the North, the East and the South (west coast).

The rather strong wind causes waves in the upper Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf to reach two-three high and and higher than three metres during thunderstorms. However waves will be around one-two metres high in the lower Andaman Sea and the lower Gulf but rising higher than two metres during thunderstorms.

People in Thailand are warned to beware of heavy to heavy rainfalls that may lead to flash floods and overflows especially along waterways and lowlands.

All ships should proceed with caution while small boats in the upper Andaman and the upper Gulf areas are urged to keep ashore during these seven days.


Top: Residents walk through flood waters in the aftermath of Typhoon Doksuri in the city of Fuzhou in Fujian province on July 29, 2023. Photo: AP/Chinatopix and published by CNA

Front Page: Workers clean up damaged trees and branches on road after Typhoon Doksuri landfall in Jinjiang, in China’s eastern Fujian province on July 28, 2023. Photo: AFP and published by CNA

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