Pita pushes fair competition in alcohol industry during Chai Nat visit


MOVE Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat attended a local brew event at Chai Nat province today (July 30) to help push fair competition in the alcohol industry, TV Channel 7 said.

Pita said he came to this central region province to taste its famous liquor made from palm sugar and use this opportunity to make it well-known.

He added that Move Forward will continue to work for Chai Nat people by increasing competitiveness and promoting agricultural, agricultural processing and dairy industries.

Move Forward’s party-list MP Parit Wacharasindhu, nicknamed Itim, who accompanied Pita to Chai Nat, said his party is continuing to submit draft legislations to the House of Representatives even though the new government is still being formed.

Two of the 14 draft bills Move Forward submitted recently focuses on the alcohol industry with one calling for amendment of the Excise Tax Act to ensure fairer rules for production of alcohol by small and community-based producers.

The second bill aims at formulating rules for fair trade to prevent monopoly and collusion of companies.

Parit said there are four objectives for submitting the alcohol industry bills with these being:

– Creating fair competition;

– Adding value to agricultural products at a higher level than guaranteed price;

– Increasing tourism income with liquor produced in each region being a draw;

– If these two legislations become law it is the first step towards making trade competition fairer.

Dr. Dejrat Sukkamnerd, a member of the party’s economic team, said Move Forward’s alcohol policy would not lead to people drinking for liquor but drink better and cheaper varieties and would also help promote Thai spirits internationally.


Top: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat attending an alcohol event in Chai Nat province today, July 30, 2023. Photo: TV Channel 7

Front Page: Pita Limjaroenrat with Move Forward members in Chai Nat yesterday. Photo: Matichon

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