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Man stabbed by neighbour for turning off Wi-Fi


A MAN who allowed his neighbour to use his Wi-Fi for free was critically stabbed in the neck when he turned it off thus preventing him from surfing the Internet, Sanook.com said today (July 30).

A police team from Sala Daeng station rushed to a rented house in Thawi Watthana district together with Ruamkatanyu Foundation rescuers after being alerted that a man had been stabbed there.

At the scene they found the unidentified victim who had a deep wound in the neck with rescuers quickly rushing him to a nearby hospital.

There were signs of a fight in the house with an eight-inch fruit paring knife fallen on the floor.

The suspect, a 34-year-old man who is the wounded man’s next-door neighbour, had not tried to escape and was drinking with his friends about 50 metres away from the house.

The victim later told police that the two of them had known each other for a long time and he had even given him a mobile phone to use with which he could access the Wi-Fi at his house.

However his neighbour is a heavy drinker and when drunk usually quarrels with others in the neighbourhood.

Two days ago he had shouted at him for switching off the Wi-Fi and flung a bottle into his house with the shards wounding his daughter. He had reported this incident to Sala Daeng police station.

Even in the past his attacker showed his displeasure when he turned off the Internet.

He explained that the Wi-Fi got disconnected because he usually switches off the electricity in his house when leaving for work for safety. However just as he returned from work his neighbour broke down the door and barged in leading to a fight and him being stabbed.


The man who attacked his neighbour for turning off Wi-Fi being taken to the police station. Top photo: Sanook.com, Front Page photo: Amarin TV

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