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Man held for slashing 2 women at downtown shopping mall


A MAN who appeared to be in a state of frenzy was arrested this afternoon (Apr. 19) soon after slashing two women at a shopping mall in Ratchaprasong area of the city, Sanook.com said.

The slashings with a cutter occurred outside a boutique on the second floor of the store with the two women quickly rushed to the Police Hospital.

Police said the suspect first slashed the left side of the face of a 27-year-old woman who worked at this boutique just as she left the rest room to return to the shop. She quickly ran back there.

A little later the suspect moved close to a 20-year-old woman who was shopping in this complex and used the same cutter to slash the back of her neck and then quickly ran away.

Police later arrested the suspect, Mr. Thanaporn (surname withheld), 23, who was incoherent. A background check showed he had been previously arrested on a drug abuse charge and he was again tested for drug consumption but the result was negative.

Upon calming down he said he was not acquainted with the two victims and did not know why he attacked them. He previously worked as an electrician but was currently jobless and sleeping at a pedestrian bridge near Sanam Luang and had come to the shopping mall to look for a job.


The suspect in the slashing of two women at the downtown shopping mall this afternoon. The Thai headline says, “Chasing and stabbing people in the store.” Photo: Sanook.com

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