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Drug addict nabbed after slashing Scotsman who tried to filming robbery


A DRUG-ADDICTED Thai man was chased by police from two Chachoengsao  stations and finally arrested after he tried to break open a petrol vending machine and slashed the arm of a Scotsman who lived in an apartment nearby and was getting ready to film the robbery, Thai Rath newspaper said today (August 5).

The violent crime occurred last night with Pol. Lt. Col. Techatat Netruwong, deputy head of the Mueang Chachoengsao police station, leading a team of policemen to apprehend the robber, later identified as Mr. Manat Juigerd, 38, after he drove away from the petrol pump in a sedan.

Just as the police team set forth  Pol. Lt. Col. Techatat was informed that a police patrol from Bang Nam Priao district had tried to block the fleeing suspect’s vehicle in an alley but he slammed into their vehicle with his sedan spinning across the road.

The suspect then got out of his car and dashed towards a well but the police team managed to catch him and found that he was still high on drugs and not talking coherently.

Even so he managed to deny slashing  Mr Lennon (only identified by one name), 52, from Scotland, claiming he had only gone to the pump to fill some petrol and had slammed into the police vehicle because he had drug equipment with him.

Within the suspect’s car was found a foot-long knife, a kitchen knife and some drug paraphernalia.

Lennon later told police he has been living in Thailand for around two years now. Two days ago the apartment building manager replayed a CCTV camera clip showing a robbery at the pump just in front.

He added that he saw and remembered this vehicle’s licence plate number and when last night it showed up again with the driver trying to break open the vending machine with a wooden club he got his mobile phone out to film the incident.

The suspect saw what he was about to do and ran to him, grabbed his mobile phone and flung it into water and used a knife to slash his arm.

He shouted for help and the suspect then quickly drove away until later being arrested by the police.

Police took Lennon to the hospital for treatment while Manas was taken to Bang Nam Priao police station for further investigation and legal action.


An image of a robber. Photo: Joshua Livingston (CC BY 2.0)


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