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Drug-crazed jobless man held for slashing delivery woman

AN unemployed man who was high on drugs when he was arrested today (Dec. 14) for slashing of the arm of a GrabFood delivery woman in Udon Thani province last Saturday confessed to having done so to vent his anger after being cheated by an online company which did not send the goods he had paid for, Amarin TV reported.

The suspect, Mr. Treiphob Rodjui, 27, who also later bashed Mr. Chaknarai Khammuangmoh, 24, and Mr. Aphirak Borisud, 23, who were passing by his neighbourhood with a thick stick, confessed to being stressed by being jobless since mid-October and also having quarreled with his girlfriend.

The GrabFood delivery woman, Ms. Saifon Khanwong, 37, had to get two stitches for the cut on her upper right arm.

Police acted swiftly and apprehended the suspect within 30 hours of the attack as this provincial city was gripped by fear with this knife attack coming after a man, nicknamed Jack, had randomly stabbed women and children while riding around Udon Thani city on a motorcycle, killing two persons and injuring six, earlier this month.

Police had carefully examined surveillance camera clips obtained from the alleyway the GrabFood delivery woman rode through and shops in the vicinity as well as the area where the two men was beaten up. They noticed that the same motorcycle with identical defects had zipped through both spots soon after the attacks.

Upon being arrested as he was riding his motorcycle to visit his friend the suspect was taken to the police station where a urine examination confirmed he was high on drugs.

Police then went to his house and found the clothes he wore the previous day, the thick stick and knife used in the attacks as well as 105 methamphetamine pills.

The suspect said that he had obtained the drug for personal use and not to trade but police do not believe him and are charging him with assaulting other people, carrying a weapon (knife) in public, drug abuse and trade.

Udon Thani Governor Mr. Siam Sirimongkol thanked police for quickly tracking down the criminal.

Top: The suspect after he was arrested and the pair of shorts he wore during the attacks. Photo: Amarin TV

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