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Police: Jealous Thai wife hired 2 Poles to attack Cambodian woman


A JEALOUS Thai woman likely hired two Polish men to viciously attack a Cambodian woman in Pattaya on Nov.1 with her face and body being slashed and acid poured on her genitals, Amarin TV said last evening (Dec. 9).

This TV station’s news team went to Bang Lamung district, Chonburi, and uncovered a lot of details about this case after lawyer Sitra Biabangkerd brought the victim, Ms. Sunflower, 30, to ask for help from Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate Hakparn.

Police investigation so far points to the attack stemming from an affair and jealousy with the victim having either got involved with the man or it was just a misunderstanding by the other woman, possibly a Thai, who hired the Polish mafia to attack her.

Police said they already know the identity of this woman but as yet do not have enough evidence to arrest her.

The victim, a freelance illustrator, had only arrived in Thailand a few days before the attack while the two Polish men immediately left for the Philippines after violently assaulting her.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate said tomorrow he will be holding talks with the superintendent of Bang Lamung police station on progress in this case as to whether additional evidence is needed to issue arrest warrants.

He added that this is not a complicated case with the evidence clearly being the wounds suffered by the victim.

Once investigation is complete an Interpol Red Alert will be issued as information shows that the two Polish suspects fled to the Philippines after the attack.

Moreover he is also going to the Philippines on Tuesday Dec. 13 to attend a meeting on human trafficking and will raise this case with the Philippine authorities. If the suspects are still in an Asean country it is not difficult to extradite them.

Meanwhile Ms. Sunflower showed her facial scars to Amarin TV reporters and said she had been contacted by a couple to meet them at this restaurant.

They had told her to bring as many pictures as possible to post on Facebook and wear the pendant that they had seen her wearing around her neck. She had bought this necklace in Cambodia. 

However when she arrived a man held her from behind and took her out,  and at the attack spot pressed her to the ground, poured acid on her and slashed her leaving the knife behind.

The news team also saw the chat between the two sides with one message on Oct. 30 saying “I was calling regarding our meeting on Nov. 1. Can we meet at 12 o’clock at the —- Beach? Please take your dog. I would love my boyfriend to see her, ” as well as specifying the location of the restaurant.

On November 1 at 11.29 a.m. the perpetrator sent this message, “We’ll arrive at 12 o’clock may be a bit earlier. Please remember to bring your necklace.” At 12.01 a.m., the victim replied, “Good morning, I’m here.” The perpetrator then sent this message, “My boyfriend keeps looking for you at the beach but cannot see you there.” The victim replied, “F*ck you, play game, what I done with you?”

This news team also questioned witnesses of the attack who said that a foreigner came into the restaurant and took the woman and her dog out. They noticed that the foreigner was wearing a long-sleeve white shirt.

After about 30 minutes they heard a scream and thought someone had been bitten by a dog not anyone being attacked. However, restaurant staff rushed out to see what happened.

The staff saw that the woman, who was bleeding all over with her legs wrapped in tape, was being filmed by two foreign men, who quickly fled taking the acid bottle and some of the attack weapons with them.

The staff said they did not chase the two foreign men because they were busy calling for an ambulance to take the victim to the hospital.

Surveillance camera clips showed that the victim had arrived at the restaurant on Nov. 1 around 11.58 a.m. She parked her motorcycle under a tree and went in with her beagle.

After that a foreigner wearing a long-sleeve white shirt and black shorts and black cap walked to the victim from behind and escorted her out. 

However cameras near the restaurant could not reach the site of the attack.

A surveillance camera at a condo not far from the restaurant revealed that at 11.05 a.m. on that day two Polish men got out of the elevator with the man in front holding a paper bag with items of clothing in it and the man following him holding a black bag which police suspect held a knife, a hammer and a bottle of acid used in the crime.

A camera on a road filmed the two men riding a motorcycle at 11.07 a.m. and another one outside a massage parlour not far from the restaurant showed them parking their motorbike there.

The two of them then split up with the one in white shirt walking to the restaurant and the other to the spot where the attack took place.

After the attack the two men walked back to the motorbike with the one wearing the long-sleeve white shirt having taken it off along with the cap he had been wearing and was now clad in a short-sleeve white shirt but he was holding the attack equipment in his hand.


Images of the terrible attack on a Cambodian woman in Pattaya. Credit: Amarin TV

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