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Police: More than 2 men involved in gangster’s murder in Phuket

POLICE believe more than the two identified foreign gunmen were involved in the murder of an Indian-Canadian gangster in front of his luxury villa on Phuket’s Rawai beach last Friday but whether anything Thais were also involved is still being invested, Naewna newspaper said today (Feb. 11).

National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Suwat Jangyodsuk said the two gunmen who ambushed and killed Mr. Jimi “Slice” Sandhu, a Canadian-Indian who had been deported a few years ago but was using a Canadian passport under the name Mr Mandeep Singh, were Canadians who entered Thailand as tourists on Dec. 18.

Police are investigating whether they used real documents to enter the country or whether they were fake.

One of them has a criminal record but Pol. Gen. Suwat would not say if he was a member of a Canadian mafia gang that had a conflict with the deceased.

While the two suspects have now fled Thailand, the national police chief said he knows which country they had gone to. 

It is expected that police will finish collecting evidence in this case over the next two to three days after which the court will be asked to issue arrest warrants for the two suspects. They will then be brought back to Thailand for prosecution.

Police investigators also searched a residence which is suspected to be where the two gunmen  stayed with this also being in Rawai sub-district about two to three kilometres from the luxury villa where the murder took place.

Caps and hoodies too were found at a rubber plantation.


Top: The two gunmen at the luxury villa where they gunned down the Indian-Canadian gangster. Photo: TV Channel 7

Home Page: One of the two pistols found in the sea near the villa where the killing took place. Photo: Naewna

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