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Prayut asks MPs if they want resignation-parliament dissolution?

AT the ongoing two-day special parliamentary session Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha got up to ask the MPs whether they want him to resign and dissolve parliament thus setting the stage for a new general election or amend the constitution, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (Oct. 26).

 In his second address to the session today, Gen. Prayut said his government is not staying still amid the ongoing crisis.

He added that he had consulted the Legal Department about what would happen if the Prime Minister resigns. The officials told him that if the Prime Minister steps down all the ministers would also likewise have to do so. After that there has to be an acting government until a new prime minister is chosen.

Since the parliament has to choose the new prime minister with senators also voting for the selection, Gen. Prayut pointed out he is not sure they would want this.

The senate is the upper house of the National Assembly. In accordance with the 2017 constitution, the senate is a non-partisan legislative chamber, composed of 250 members. All 250 senators are appointed by the Royal Thai Military. Senators serve five-year terms in office, Wikipedia said.

Regarding constitution amendment, this has to be done step by step and Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krua-ngam would be clarifying this issue to the MPs, he added.


 Gen. Prayut addressing the special parliamentary session this afternoon. Thai headline says, “Do you want it like this nor not?” Photo: Sanook.com


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