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Three representatives to submit letter to German ambassador

THE People’s Party procession marched to the German embassy on South Sathorn road from Sam Yan intersection to submit a letter to the German ambassador this evening (Oct. 26) with only three representatives to be allowed into the compound to do so, Thai Rath newspaper and Amarin TV reported.

Police had formed a line in front of the embassy where they had also placed metal barriers to prevent the protesters from getting too close to the embassy compound.

Most of the demonstrators are students who have learnt how to manage the situation from previous rallies and were more orderly.

Both local and foreign media are covering this rally and it is being watched as to which three leaders will be going into the embassy to hand in the letter.

Meanwhile Ms. Chonthicha Chaengraew, or Looket, said only after their three representatives return from giving the letter to German Ambassador to Thailand Georg Schmidt will the content be made public.

The protesters will also be setting up a temporary stage in front of the embassy for their activities.


The protesters in front of the German embassy. Photos: Thai Rath










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