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Korn, Worawut quit after party gets less than 10 seats in election


BOTH the leader and deputy leader of Chart Pattana Kla Party today (June 25) stepped down from their posts after their party got two seats in the May 14 general election, lower than the target of minimum 10 seats, Matichon newspaper said.

Party leader Mr. Korn Chatikavanij, who is a former finance minister, announced his resignation in a Facebook post this morning while deputy leader Mr. Worawut Ounjai followed suit by also posting a resignation message on Facebook this afternoon.

Party sources said there were no quarrels leading to Korn resigning and he had mentioned his decision to the party before publicly announcing it.

However they mentioned that Korn’s decision to quit stemmed from the party having missed its target of getting minimum 10 MPs in the election having managed to secure two seats.

The party’s executive committee is expected to hold a meeting next week to appoint a new leader and change the party’s name back to Chart Pattana.

A few hours later when Worawut too posted a message on Facebook that he was likewise resigning from his post, Korn was among those who clicked a like.

Some followers asked which party he was moving to as they would follow him there to which he replied “I have stopped resting.”

When one follower persisted and asked whether he was still helping the party he replied “I have stopped political work.”


Top: Former finance minister Korn Chatikavanij,right, and Worawut Ounjai, left.

Front Page: Korn Chatikavanij. Photos: Matichon

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