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Sale of fake banknotes online rocks social media


AN ANNOUNCEMENT of the sale of counterfeit banknotes on a Facebook page shook up Thai social media with many netizens wondering whether those in their wallet are real or not, Amarin TV said today (Dec. 10).

Mr. Pakphum Dejhassadin, a medical technologist who runs the popular Panda Lab Doctor webpage, drew attention to this webpage, whose Thai name translates to “Selling banknotes”, without fear of being arrested.

The accompanying message by this webpage’s user said that he was getting ready to send 2.8 million of these fake banknotes to clients today. 

“We don’t sell often but do so continuously, today we have another 4 million more. Anyone who is interested in ordering please enquire. They can be used to pay off debts, tuition fees, car and house loans.

“These banknotes were specially made to be used not to deceive people, focus on practical use and selling notes that can be 100% used,”  he said.

The fraudster also put in this sales pitch, “There is not much left, it’s almost the end of the month, if you don’t know how to solve your problem consult me, I have counterfeit banknotes to use, guarantee no problems, I am able to sell counterfeit bills.”

Amarin TV news team checked and found that the Facebook page “Selling banknotes” no longer exists but there were two other pages – “Sell and exchange banknotes” and “Selling banknotes – can really be used” – that are still posting the sale of fake banknotes online right now.


The fake banknotes offered for sale online. Photos: Amarin TV

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