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Woman held with fake Singapore, US dollars worth 17m baht

ECONOMIC Crime Suppression Division police together with US secret service officials today (May 26) questioned a woman who was caught with 74 counterfeit S$10,000 banknotes worth 17,473,680 baht and some fake US$100 bills worth 279,537 baht, TV Channel 7 said.

Ms Ananya, 41, was arrested near a currency exchange shop close to a department store in Silom area after a plainclothes police unit moved into the area to search for the culprit who had already exchanged large sums of fake Singapore dollars.

The policemen were looking out for anyone who seemed suspicious and spotted Ananya, who was well dressed as she walked by carrying a brown paper bag.

The team checked with secret service officials who confirmed that she was the one who had earlier exchanged fake Singapore dollar bills so they identified themselves and searched her.

At her car parked in the area they found 95 fake US$100 bills. The suspect told police that the fake cash all belonged to her and that she had brought them to exchange at the shop.

After US Secret Service staff at the US Embassy confirmed that both the Singapore and US dollar banknotes the suspect had with her were fake Ananya was arrested on the charges of knowingly using fake foreign currencies.


The Economic Crime Suppression police team who caught the suspect, seated centre. Thai headline says, “Hoping to get rich – fake dollars worth 17 million baht.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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