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British man badly bashed up after chatting up a girl


A BRITISH man was severely bashed up by two Thai youths in Chonburi province at dawn today (Sep. 3) after he chatted up a girl in a shop there, Amarin TV said.

The unidentified British man ended up with a swollen head, a broken nose and three teeth knocked out. He is now under close medical supervision as he has suffered cerebral haemorrhage.

A Pattaya police station team investigated the attack in Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, with a surveillance camera clip showing two Thai men attacking the Briton while one of the attacker’s girlfriend and her friend tried to stop them. Afterwards they hopped on their motorcycles and rode to a nearby apartment building.

The police team tracked down the two men, Mr. Apichai (surname withheld),28, and Mr. Denchai, 28, at a flat in this building where they were eating and drinking with their friends.

They confessed to having beaten up the Briton but mentioned that only the two of them were involved.

Apichai said the British man was drunk when came to the shop to buy a few things and then started teasing his girlfriend while he was seated there drinking with his friend.  Even though he spoke in English, he was able to follow what he said.

Apichai added that he chased him away but the Briton returned and started talking to his girlfriend again so he attacked him but he insisted he did not use any weapons in doing so.

He explained that he felt insulted because he had tried to stop the Briton but he still continued teasing his girlfriend.


The two Thai men who badly beat up a British man being arrested by police. Photos: Amarin TV

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