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Foreigner held for working without permit during Full Moon party


ACTING on complaints that foreigners were taking up jobs traditionally reserved for Thais on Koh Phangan, police and local officials launched an investigation during the Full Moon party on Thursday May 4, 2023 and arrested a Ukrainian man working without a permit, Naewna newspaper said today (May 6).

A team of Surat Thani Immigration and Koh Phangan police together with the tourist island’s officials went to Thong Sala pier where they had been tipped off that a foreigner had parked motorcycles for rent without permission and found 23 parked there.

They then checked the passport of Mr. Vitalii Daibert, 45, from Ukraine, who had come to Thailand on Feb. 22, 2020 and got a visa to stay in the country out of necessity till May 18, 2023 with this certified by the Ukrainian embassy.

Daibert told the police team that the motorbikes were not his but belonged to a company and he was in charge of giving them to renters and taking the keys back upon return without having a work permit to do this job.

He was charged with parking in a prohibited area and working without a permit and taken to Koh Phangan police station for legal action.

The company that owns the motorbikes was also charged with allowing a foreigner to work without a work permit.


Koh Phangan youths point to the motorcycles illegally parked at Thong Sala pier, above, and the police team inspecting them, Front Page. Photos: Naewna

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