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Police summon Mountain B pub electrician, to charge him with negligence

ON THE one-month anniversary of Mountain B pub inferno that killed 23 people today (Sept. 5) Chonburi police said they have issued a summons for the electrician who ran the power system from the start of construction in preparation to file a joint negligence charge, Amarin TV said.   

Over 10 families of those who died or were injured came to the gutted pub to mourn for their loved ones while asking for fair treatment and urging the authorities to continue prosecuting the pub owner.

Charges of negligence causing death and serious injury plus opening a service venue without permit have already been filed against Mr. Pongsiri Panprasong, or Sia B, 28, the pub owner, Ms Anongnat Panprasong, his wife, and Mr. Somyot Panprasong, or Sia Yot, 55, his father. All three were later bailed out.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Atthasit Kitchahan, head of Chonburi police, said summons had been issued since last week for the electrician who was in charge of the of power system right from the start and who fixed the wiring on the ceiling the day of the fire. He faces a joint negligence charge.

As for victims’ relatives being concerned about the delay in the progress of this case and possible interference, Pol.Maj.Gen. Atthasit assured that no such interference had been made while the delay was because police had to wait for scientific verification and proceed according to the timeframe.

“Where the cause of the fire is concerned, this has been divided into two parts – the fire itself and the heat from the electrical system. 

“Aside from this there is carelessness right from the start, faulty construction, use of materials that cannot resist fire and no fire escapes as required by law but details cannot be disclosed because it would affect the case,” he said.

Regarding victims’ relatives wanting the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police to also investigate the case, Pol.Maj.Gen. Atthasit said Chonburi police is ready to cooperate with all units but cannot on its own send the case to CSD with the latter having to ask for it to be delivered.

Members of over 10 families of the deceased and those injured came to the gutted pub to mark the one-month anniversary in deep sorrow bringing their funeral photographs along with them as well as flowers placed at the site in their memory.

Mr. Triphuri Neenoi, the father of one of the revellers who died in the fire, told those assembled that this inferno is about to be forgotten like the Santika Club fire on January 1, 2009 in which 66 people were killed and another 222 injured where not everyone got fair compensation and help.

For this reason he urged the families of those who died and got injured to unite and file a class action lawsuit against the pub owner on the charges of extending the building and converting it into a closed entertainment venue among other offences.

Families of those injured who attended the ceremony said most of them had burns all over their body and now red scabs had formed but some wounds had not completely dried and still needed to be dressed.


Families of those who died or got injured in the Mountain B pub fire marking the one-month anniversary. All photos: Amarin TV

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