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Mountain B pub owner’s dad surrenders, denies charges


THE FATHER of the owner of Mountain B pub that caught fire on August 5 killing 19 people with 30 others still under medical treatment surrendered to police after an arrest warrant was issued for him on the charges of co-establishing this entertainment venue and negligence leading to death and injury of other people, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon (August 16).

However Mr. Somyot Panprasong, 55, or Sia Yot, the father of Mr. Pongsiri Panprasong, or Sia B, denied all the charges brought against him.

Mr. Anucha Wongsrirat, Sia B’s lawyer, who had contacted police that Sia Yot was returning from another province and wanted to surrender, stated that Sia Yot was not involved with the fire-gutted pub as he did not know anything about the documents related to the facility with Sia B being the real owner.

Sia Yot surrendered to Pol. Col. Soros Eamsa-ard, deputy chief of the Chonburi Provincial Police and leader of this case’s investigation team, with his lawyer, Mr. Chakkrit Jindarat, accompanying him.

Pol. Col. Soros had requested an arrest warrant for Sia Yot from Pattaya Provincial Court and this was approved yesterday.

Witnesses had told police that Sia Yot was connected to the pub, especially where financing was concerned, and used his son’s name to operate the business.

Sia Yot is a well known businessman in Sattahip owning the largest slaughterhouse in the district as well as pork stalls in many wet markets.

Ten policemen had guarded his house in Soi Thammawittaya Soi 1, Sattahip subdistrict, Sattahip district until his surrender.


Sia Yot being questioned by police after surrendering. Photos: Naewna

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