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10 injured in Chiang Mai fireworks factory explosion


A FIREWORKS factory in Chiang Mai exploded this afternoon (July 24) injuring 10 people and damaging five houses with three of them completely levelled, Thai Rath newspaper said.

At 12.27 p.m. Pol. Col. Thongchai Kannika, superintendent of Doi Saket police station, was alerted of a blast at the fireworks factory and quickly sent firemen and rescuers there.

It took firemen over an hour to put out the blaze and even after doing so they continued spraying water to prevent further explosion because smoke still rose from the charred remains.

Three houses were completely destroyed with one belonging to the factory owner whose factory and warehouse nearby were completely blown up. Two more houses two metres away were also badly damaged with 10 people injured, four men, five women and a two-year-old child, and all were quickly sent to Doi Saket and other nearby hospitals for treatment.

The blast was strong with those injured either being burned or hit by flying objects. Two sedans and six motorcycles were also damaged.

Investigation revealed that this factory had exploded once before on September 5, 2012 with three persons injured including the owner who was hospitalised for almost a year before recovering. After that he rebuilt his house, nearby factory and adjoining warehouse.

The explosion occurred during lunch break and it is suspected that an error occurred in mixing black powder and this together with the afternoon heat caused the flammable material to ignite and explode. However police are still investigating to determine the real cause of the blast.


The damage caused by the fireworks factory exploding this afternoon, July 24, 2023. Photos: Thai Rath

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