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Former prosecutor’s son denies beating up wife


A FORMER prosecutor’s son whose wife filed a complaint for beating her up surrendered to Sutthisan police yesterday (Apr. 8) and initially denied the charge but police said they had evidence of him assaulting and injuring his wife, Sanook.com said today.

The unidentified suspect, who was temporarily released because he had surrendered, asked for one to two days to consult his lawyer before coming in for interrogation.

So far he has not filed a similar charge against his wife.

Reporters said the victim had been repeatedly assaulted by her husband with the last time being Sunday Apr. 3 that left her with a broken nose with flood flowing down to her mouth, several bruises on her body, and injured right hand ring finger.

After that she contacted Thai Economic Party MP Phai Lik, or Phai Wanpoint, for help. 

He had posted two video clips on social media that showed the suspect brutally slapping and kicking his wife which he submitted to police. He mentioned that police had not taken any action despite four complaints having already been filed.

The victim said her husband was displeased with her getting treatment for depression, saying she was not sick and only thought that she was so, while warning her not to go to the police.


A screengrab image of the husband punching and kicking his wife while a relative tried to help her. The Thai headline asks, “Didn’t beat up his wife?” Photo: Sanook.com

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