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Angry husband kills wife’s lover, beats her up

A 62-year-old man was arrested this morning (Feb. 8) after following his wife to a rendezvous with her lover at a forest in Ubon Ratchathani Province and killing his rival and also badly beating up his wife, Sanook.com said.

At 10.30 a.m.Pol. Lt.Kittisak Tikanam, a deputy inspector at Samrong police station, Samrong district, together with rescuers headed to a forest about 500 metres away from Khok Kong sub-district after being informed that a man had been killed there.

At the scene of the crime they found Mr. Sompong, 62, lying supine on the ground, he was shirtless but was wearing a pair of shorts and had sandals on. He had been shot with a pistol on the left shoulder and had died there.

Initial investigation revealed that the deceased had arranged to meet Mrs. Suree, 52, in the forest. However Suree’s husband, Mr Khamsing, 63, followed them there and in anger shot Sompong to death after which he also badly pistol-whipped Suree. Rescuers quickly rushed her to the hospital.

Police later arrested Khamsing with a Thai-made pistol in his possession as he was heading for his daughter’s house in Warin Chamrab district. 

He confessed to killing his wife’s lover saying their relationship was more than he could endure. He has been charged with premeditated murder.


Top: The forest where the lovers were caught by the jealous husband. Thai headline says, “shot dead the lover.” Photo: Sanook.com


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