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MP moves to help ex-prosecutor’s daughter-in-law


A THAI ECONOMIC Party MP today (Apr. 7) posted two video clips showing the son of a former prosecutor brutally slapping and kicking his wife and said they would be helping her, Sanook.com said.

One of the two video clips shared by Phai Lik, or Phai Wanpoint, the party’s MP from Kamphaeng Phet, showed this former prosecutor’s son continuing to severely punch and kick his wife even though a family member tried to stop him.

Phai said in his post that four complaints against her husband had been filed with the police but they had not taken any action.

He added as his party had now received a complaint about assault within the family of this former prosecutor it will not be staying still as it is ready to tackle all public problems.


Screengrab images of the former prosecutor’s son badly beating up his wife. Photos: Sanook.com

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