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Prawit puts up highway billboards wishing travellers Happy Thai New Year 


PEOPLE travelling to their hometown for Songkran today (Apr. 9) were greeted with large highway billboards showing Deputy Prime Minister and head of Palang Pracharat Party Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan wishing them a Happy Thai New Year along the way with this being an indication of this party gearing up for election battles, Matichon newspaper said.

Several of these large billboards had been posted across outbound Mittraphap highway, the key artery to the Northeast, from Ayutthaya to Saraburi province.   

Many billboards had also been posted at the side of several roads in the Northeastern and Southern regions with some of them being large ones.

On these billboards is Gen. Prawit’s greeting, “Happy Thai New Year 2022, wishing Thai people good health, happiness and well-being forever.”

Palang Pracharath Party members said Gen. Prawit, as head of the party, cares for and wishes Thai people well during the Songkran festival when many are travelling to their hometown to meet their family so would like to convey his good wishes to them during this festival of happiness.

However, it was observed that this step by Palang Pracharath Party under his leadership is a clear sign it is getting ready for upcoming big election battles.

Meanwhile the exodus to the Northeast that started today led to all four lanes of Mittraphap highway from kilometre 32 uphill and heading to Pak Chong market and in front of Chokchai steakhouse and farm being heavily congested with traffic building up from Saraburi province onwards.

It is expected that the traffic condition will worsen when more people head home during April 10-12. 


One of the large billboards across outbound Mittraphap highway. Photo: Matichon

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