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Two men dead in a game of Russian roulette


TWO of six young men drinking in Ayutthaya early this morning (Feb. 18) died in a game of Russian roulette with the same bullet passing from the head of the person who fired the shot to his friend sitting next to him, Thai Rath newspaper said.

At 3.30 a.m. Pol. Lt. Col. Narathip Suthon, an inspector at Bang Pa-In police station, was alerted of two persons being shot dead at a footpath in front of a shop on Rojana road inbound to the city and rushed there with a team of policemen and rescuers.

At the scene they found the two men shot in the head with one of them resting on a table and the other fallen on the footpath. 

As later identified, the former, who was still holding a .38 calibre pistol in his right hand, is Mr. Likhit Kammee, 30, and the latter, who was wearing a student uniform, Mr. Ekaluck Intharalak, 23.

On the table was a bottle of liquor and some soda while scattered on the footpath below were four bullets.

Mr. Veerapong Mekbut, 23, a friend of the two deceased men, told police that the six of them sat eating and drinking at this shop after leaving an entertainment venue.

After a while Likhit pulled out his pistol and showed it to his friends then removed some bullets and pointed the firearm at his right temple and pulled the trigger.

The bullet passed through his head and also hit Ekaluck who was sitting next to him with both of them dying on the spot.

Another friend told police that Likhit was from Ang Thong province and was disabled from a previous gunshot wound. He had brought him to join this celebration in Ayutthaya and while drunk he played Russian roulette killing the two of them.

However police are going to thoroughly investigate the cause of death. They cordoned off the spot where the two men died while the forensic team collected evidence with their friends to be questioned in detail later.


The spot where two young men died in a game of Russian roulette early this morning, Feb. 18, 2023. Photo: Thai Rath

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