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SWAT policeman surrenders after killing man in pub brawl

A SPECIAL Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) policeman who shot dead a customer and injured two others during a pub brawl in southern Trang province has surrendered, Matichon newspaper said this morning (Oct. 26).

Pol. Sgt. Maj. Chutiphon Nakkaew, or Sergeant Bird, head of the defence and suppression unit at Ban Nong Aueang police station in Palian district and assistant to the provincial SWAT unit, had fled after firing nine shots with his 9mm pistol at Mr. Chitakorn Kongchan or Khao, 32, during a brawl at the pub on Phatthalung road, Mueang district, at 1.13 a.m. yesterday killing him on the spot.

He also shot and injured the deceased man’s friend Mr. Ekaphot Petcharat, or Tom, 34, and a tourist who was inadvertently hit.

Police said Chitakorn is a close friend of local politicians and is well-known in this province.

The pub is within a weapons-free zone and both men were very drunk when they started fighting.

Pol. Sgt. Maj. Chutiphon came in and surrendered at the police station this morning with Pol. Lt. Gen. Nanthadej Yoinuan, head of Provincial Police Region 9,  giving details of this case later in the day.


Police investigating the crime scene with an image of Pol. Sgt. Maj. Chutiphon Nakkaew inset in the above photo. Credit: Matichon

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