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Drug suspect jumps out of paddy wagon and escapes in Kanchanaburi


A DRUG suspect being taken for detention in a paddy wagon in Kanchanaburi province managed to escape from the vehicle by rolling down the window and jumping out with a hunt for him now under way, Amarin TV said today (Sept. 4).

Kanchanaburi provincial police were informed by Nong Khao station officers at 1.10 p.m. today that the suspect jumped out of the vehicle through the window which he opened when the vehicle slowed down near a railway level crossing in Mueang district and ran off into the forest.

A fruit vendor told reporters that shortly after the police van had driven past a middle-aged man wearing a T-shirt and shorts ran from the intersection at high speed. He was muttering something incomprehensible as he dashed along the rail line.

Moments later a policeman came and asked if they had seen the suspect, and they pointed to the direction he had gone.

The policeman failed to find him, only coming across a pair of slippers the suspect left behind.

After that a big team of policemen searched both sides of the railway line and the villages nearby the point of escape but were unable to find him.

The public were urged to call police hotline 191 if they see the escaped suspect.


Top: The paddy wagon from which the drug suspect escaped.

Home Page: Police searching for the escapee along the railway line. Both photos: Amarin TV


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