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Daredevil loses motorbike after antics in Chinatown


A DAREDEVIL who zipped through Yaowarat road standing on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and waving his arms around was fined by the court which also ordered the seizure of his motorbike, Naewna newspaper said today (Feb. 20).

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, deputy national police chief, said police spotted the stunt ride that took place on Feb. 13 after a video clip was posted on a Facebook page with a Thai title that reads, “If you want to be famous we will arrange it V3.”

This footage shows the hair-raising ride down Yaowarat road to Chaloem Buri intersection that night with police saying his antics had endangered other road users.

Plubplachai 2 police station then filed four charges against the stunt rider, Mr. Krisadaporn, or Kaew, (surname withheld), 27, as follows:

1) Riding recklessly that may cause harm to other people or property;

2) Riding in an abnormal manner being unable to see the front or the rear or both sides for adequate safety;

3) Riding without regard for the safety of others and the trouble they may face;

4)  While using a registered vehicle the annual tax had not been paid on time;

5) Using a vehicle that is not insured as required by law.

The court fined the daredevil 10,600 baht, but as he pleaded guilty, it was cut by half. However the court ordered the confiscation of his Harley-Davison motorcycle.

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak called on the public to help monitor reckless riding and driving with those who have clues may call their hotline 1599 or 191 all 24 hours a day. There is a 3,000 baht reward for an informer in the event of an arrest.


The risk-taking stunt rider standing on his motorcycle and waving his arms as he zooms through Yaowaraj road. Photos: Naewna

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