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Driver drowns after 18-wheel truck crashes into the sea

THE YOUNG driver of an 18-wheel truck drowned after the large vehicle plunged into the sea at Laem Chabang port today (Feb.19), Amarin TV said.

At 2.30 p.m. police at Laem Chabang station in Si Racha district of Chon Buri province were informed of the 18-wheel truck crashing into the sea at the port and a team rushed there to investigate with a team of divers from Sawang Prateep Si Racha also going there to rescue the driver.

The accident occurred near the stern of a container ship that had anchored at the port with workers pointing to the exact spot the truck had plunged into the sea.

The divers went in to search for the 25-year-old driver but his body was only found after the truck was brought back to the port where he was trapped within.

Initial investigation showed that the driver had come to the port to deliver the goods but appeared to have lost control of the truck and drove into sea.

A detailed investigation is underway to determine the true cause of this accident.


Divers searching for the driver of a truck that plunged into the sea. The Thai headline says, “Truck sinks in the sea.” Photo: Amarin TV

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