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Blinded but fighting on: Thanat joins today’s protest parade

THE wealthy blinded protester today (Aug. 22) joined a protest parade from Khok Wua intersection to Democracy Monument holding a sign saying “people’s brotherhood,” Sanook.com said.

This is Mr. Thanat Thanakitamnuay’s, or Hiso Luknut’s, first participation in a demonstration after leaving the hospital but he stressed that he is a supporter and not one of leaders of the Thalufah (Through the Sky) activist group that arranged today’s march.

He added that he wanted to join the rally’s fun activities with one of them being skateboarding which is something he too enjoyed doing.

On his wealthy family going all out to take legal action against the crackdown on anti-government protesters, he said that is being handled by his family and their lawyers while he is hundred percent determined to continue with his political movement because this battle cannot be lost.

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Thanat added that before he left home he was mentally prepared for something like this to happen and when it did it the encouragement from family and friends, including ideological friends, helped but more important was being encouraged to come back and fight along with his friends.

He urged everyone to follow up on the state Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, is in as he has contracted coronavirus after being detained again and is undergoing treatment at Prison Hospital.

He is also concerned about teen protesters of around 14 to 15 years of age who got injured and need help. Others affected by the dissolution of protests have to be encouraged to return to their normal lives but also stand up again.

He is worried about the situation at Din Daeng intersection which was where he got injured and where there have been clashes between protesters and crowd-control police for days now.

Only the authorities and the officers can reduce the violence because if they retreat so will the the protesters as no one wants to die, he pointed out.


Top: Thanat at today’s protest. Photo: Sanook.com

Home Page: Thanat with some protesters. Photo: Thai Rath


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