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MP dares Prayut to fight in Muay Thai boxing bout with PM’s post at stake


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MAVERICK MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanonmade today (Aug. 20) made a rare challenge to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to fight him in a Muay Thai boxing bout supposedly with the post of premiership at stake.

The leader of the one-MP Thai Civilized Party  the unilateral challenge to the extent that if he loses to the premier in the proposed Kard Chuek boxing match, he will immediately resign as MP. On the other hand, if Prayut loses, the premier will have to immediately step down and let others replace him for the top post of government, Mongkolkit said.

Kard Chuek is the old-fashioned Muay Thai boxing style in which boxers have their clenched fists wrapped in tightly-twisted strands of cloth instead of boxing gloves.

Mongkolkit gave Prayut 10 days’ time to reply and commented that he will undoubtedly not agree to fight anyone else who might probably offer to fight on Prayut’s behalf and that Prayut would be considered as ”unmanly” only if he did not accept the challenge despite the fact that he is a former army chief.

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Mongkolkit offered to use only one hand to box and no feet to kick while Prayut may use both hands and feet in the proposed three rounds of a boxing bout at Lumpini boxing stadium, given the fact that the former is 40 years old and the latter is 67 years old.

”It would be a one-on-one sporting event with the entire country being put at stake. This peaceful boxing bout should be held to end up physical conflict which is only leading to violence and bloodshed on the streets,” the MP said, referring to the ongoing crowd-control police crackdowns on anti-Prayut protesters, particularly at Sam Liam Din Daeng intersection near the First Infantry Regiment barracks which houses the premier’s residence on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.

Mongkolkit joined the ranks of opposition MPs and others in repeated calls for Prayut to resign since he has apparently failed to cope with the pandemic situation nationwide, thus rendering high surges in coronavirus infection and fatalities.

Prayut was not as yet available to comment on the unprecedented challenge. 


Top: Mongkolkit has thrown down the gauntlet. Photo: Siam Rath

Home Page. A boxing match at Lumpini stadium. Photo: Muaythai2000.com



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