Chonburi cancels New Year countdown celebration

CHONBURI’S municipality this morning (Dec. 22) announced the cancellation of the New Year countdown event and  the offering of food to monks on New Year’s Day on its Facebook page, Amarin TV said.

The post immediately attracted a lot of comments with one person asking whether Pattaya is included and the page administrator replied that it is a different zone.

Sansuk municipality also posted a message on its Facebook page that “Bangsaen Countdown 2023” on Saturday Dec. 31 is being held at Laem Thaen on this beach. There will be free concerts by Wanyaix Mon Monik, Lazy Loxy & Sam Black and Two Popethorn as well as the band Clash.

Meanwhile Pattaya has hosted a meeting to discuss preparations for its upcoming three-day “Countdown Festival” at the end of the month, NNT said.

Pattaya Mayor Poramese Ngampiches said yesterday that the city has tasked all relevant local units with preparing equipment and personnel to prevent major roads from becoming congested while accommodating an influx of revellers taking part in New Year’s celebrations throughout the city. The move comes following a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Pattaya had previously held a countdown celebration in 2021, although it was significantly scaled down from preceding years and was subject to a number of regulations that restricted crowd size. This year, such rules have been removed and the roster of musicians increased. As a result, officials said crowds are certain to return to Bali Hai Pier from December 29-31.

Pattaya officials have also announced they will be limiting the number of guests at each event to reduce the risk of a crowd crush similar to the recent Halloween celebration tragedy in South Korea.


Fireworks at Pattaya. Top photo: NNT, Front Page photo: TAT

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