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Big shopping mall probes security guard seen slapping protester

ICON Siam, one of Bangkok’s luxury shopping malls, posted a message via social media today (Jan. 19) that it was investigating a security guard who appeared in a live video clip to have slapped a woman who had held up a protest sign earlier in the day, Sanook.com reported.

The woman who was slapped was displaying a sign on coronavirus vaccine.

Icon Siam said if the investigation found that this security guard was guilty of having slapped the protester he would be severely punished.

“The shopping centre is rushing to investigate and has set up a fact-finding committee. If this employee is guilty of wrongdoing, he will face severe disciplinary action according to the shopping centre’s regulations,” Icon Siam said in its post.

Icon Siam further reminded all those who use its services that they should refrain from expressing their political opinion within the complex because it could affect other customers.

“Icon Siam asks for the cooperation of everyone to abide by the law and the shopping centre’s regulations throughout the time they use the services within the shopping mall. Especially refrain from organizing all kind of political activities or claims or expressions that do not respect the rights of others within the building and throughout the entire area of ​​the shopping centre.”


Top: Icon Siam security guard, left, and the protester, right. Thai headline says, “guard being investigated.” Photo: Sanook.com

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