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Animal lovers worried about seized 6 cats being auctioned

SIX cats that were confiscated yesterday (March 15) from the house of a suspected member of a drug gang in Rayong and are to be auctioned off have attracted a lot of sympathy from animal lovers with the owner, the wife of the drug boss arrested in January and who is on the run, sending a Facebook message that she wants them back, Sanook.com said this afternoon (March 16, 2020).

Drug suppression police had raided a two-storey house in Rayong’s Klaeng district and arrested Mr. Thatthep, or Nook, 26, after investigation revealed that he is a member of the drug network run by Kook Rayong, or Mr. Sorakrit Soonsiri, who was arrested together with other seven other accomplices in January.

Seized in this raid were two houses, a 40-square-metre condo, two cars, two motorcycles worth 35 million baht and when added to what was seized in the first round of arrests the total reached 120 million baht.

In one of the two houses were found the six cats that belong to Kook Rayong’s wife who is on the run. Police said they were to be sent to the Rayong Livestock Department and then delivered to the Office of the Narcotics Control Board for auction.

However the cats’ owner today posted a message on Facebook that she wants all of them back and begged for sympathy from animal lovers. She added that she missed her cats very much and while the authorities have seized her houses and cars she really wants her pets back.

She added that although she had bought the cats it did not mean that she had used dirty money to do so.

Meanwhile Mr Roger Lohanan, secretary-general of the Animal Protection Association (Thailand), said the auctioning of these cats had led to a lot of concern among animal lovers with many of them having called the Rayong Livestock Department to enquire about their fate.

However the association had found out that the six cats had not yet reached the Rayong Livestock Department. Nonetheless the cats are being helped by the Voice Foundation’s member Ms Chonrada Makratree who is following up on this issue and wants to take care of all six of them.


Top: The cats that were seized and face being auctioned. Photos: Sanook.com


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