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Training launched to help drivers to get their points back


DRIVERS keen on getting some or all of their 12 points back before they are restored annually may now enroll for training and take a test to do so, Naewna newspaper said today (Mar. 6).

Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, deputy spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, reminded drivers that under the driving penalty points system launched in January this year drink-driving and speeding will lead to 4 points being deducted while counterflow driving and running the red-light will knock off 2 points.

Should a driver have no points left his licence will be suspended for 90 days with violators facing a maximum three months imprisonment and/or 10,000 baht fine.

Drivers may check their score at e-Ticket PTM website https://ptm.police.go.th/eTicket/#/ and the “Kab Dee” application.

Those with less than six points left may claim their points back by undergoing training held twice a year at the Land Transport offices nationwide.

Details are as follows:

– Book an appointment, choose the date, time, place via online website https://gecc.dlt.go.th or the DLT Smart Queue application;

– Attend training with the fee for the first training courses being the following:

1) Four-hour training for restoring maximum 12 points 300 baht fee;

2) Three-hour training for restoring maximum 9 points 250 baht fee;

3) Two-hour training for restoring maximum 6 points 200 baht fee.

– Second training courses:

1) Three-hour training to get six points back  250 baht fee;

2) Four-hour training to get 12 points back 300 baht fee (in case of all points being deducted and licence suspended).

– Take a test with a score of over 60 needed to pass the training. Those failing the first test may sit for a second test the same day. For those who still do not pass an official will make an appointment to return for a third test within seven days.

The Land Transport Department will notify the results via electronic system to the police who will then restore the points. For more information contact Land Transport Department hotline 1584.


Top: A representative image of traffic violation. Photo: Matichon

Front Page: A policeman directing traffic. Photo: Sanoo.com

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