Phuket island reopens its doors to tourists

By Peeranut P.,

AFTER falling asleep and resting for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic the isle of Phuket has reawakened and opened up to tourism again now that the fearful outbreak is under control at this popular destination with it being confirmed that there is no new infection and this leading to the ending of the lockdown, reported today (June 2, 2020).

With this reopening tourists may now stay at any hotel across the island and this actually started yesterday when the lockdown was eased.

Accommodation business operators in Phuket have to follow the operating standards or operation manuals issued by the authorities for hotels that have received a hotel business licence under the Hotel Act 2004 and all establishments of the same nature.

In implementing the New Normal standards hoteliers have to follow the Safety and Health Administration (SHA) measures set by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Meanwhile another popular island, Koh Kud, off Trat which Thailand’s easternmost province next to Cambodia, has also reopened to tourism with many businesses linked to this industry now reviving.

Ferry and speed boats are also likewise running from Trat city to the island but because the slump has just ended the number of trips has been reduced by 50%.


Top: The Andaman sea is calm on a sunny day in Phuket as seen from a luxury hotel. Photo:

Below: Sunset at Koh Kud. Photo: Momo (CC BY 2.0)


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