Ministry unveils New Year grand sale – up to 85% off

DEPUTY Prime minister-cum-Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit this morning (Dec. 21) launched “New Year Grand Sale 2023” with as much as 85% discount offered for products and services available at 46,100 outlets nationwide, Amarin TV said.

The steep discount of 13,652,400 products and services including those sold online that starts today will last Jan. 31. 2023.

They have been separated into three categories as follows:

– Consumer goods, divided into 14 product categories with altogether 31,741 items being sold at up to 80% discount;

– Services, divided into eight categories with 657 items sold at up to  85% discount;

–  Online shopping, three categories, altogether 13,620,000 products and services sold at up to 85% discount.

Jurin said that the grand sale lasting 42 days will help reduce the expenditure of Thais nationwide by minimum 4 billion baht while spurring the economy by at least 12 billion baht.

“My thanks for the cooperation of all departments of this ministry, particularly the Internal Trade Department, and the cooperation of  315 entrepreneurs who have 46,100 outlets.

“Among them are 77 manufacturers with 1,136 outlets, 89 distributors with 21,220 outlets, 136 service providers with 12,444 outlets and 13 platforms with 11,300 outlets,” he said.


“New Year Grand Sale 2023” being launched at the Commerce Ministry today (Dec. 21) and  gift hampers and other products being sold at steep discounts. Photos: Amarin TV

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