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Russian basketball player electrocuted in Pattaya

A YOUNG Russian basketball player was electrocuted to death at a community sports field in Pattaya last evening (Dec. 15) after touching a damaged light pole with other athletes revealing that there are electrical leaks at several other points too, Sanook.com said this morning.

At 10 p.m. Sawang Boriboon Thammasthan Foundaton’s Radio Centre received a report that someone had been seriously injured by an electric shock at Pattaya’s community sports field in Soi Sukhumvit Pattaya 15, and a team quickly went there.

At the scene they found Mr. Alexey Sobolev, 19, lying motionless and breathing heavily at the edge of a fence next to a light pole. They quickly gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as some athletes watched and rushed him to the hospital but he later died there.

Mr. Pubadin Thongsuea, 20, said they were playing basketball when the ball bounced against the fence near the light pole. His friend then ran there to pick up the ball but as he was sweating when he touched the pole he got electrocuted. Other players quickly pulled him out and immediately notified the rescuers.

However the athletes mentioned that while this power pole’s electric wire tore after it had got damaged there were also leaks at several other points of this sports field and players had to be very careful.

Initially, Pol. Capt. Yuthapol Boonkerd, deputy inspector at Bang Lamung police station, said a police team will be inspecting the sports field in detail after which will summarise the cause of death.


The deceased Russian athlete being helped by rescuers and the damaged light pole. Photos: Sanook.com

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