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Teenage girl electrocuted while using plugged-in mobile phone


A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD girl died after being electrocuted while using her mobile phone as it charged at her home in Mueang Rayong last night (May 1), Naewna newspaper said.

Pol. Lt. Col. Chaikrit Taurat, an inspector at Mueang Rayong police station, rushed to the two-room single-storey house upon being alerted of the death of the teenager, identified as Miss Patphimon, or Nong Mon, Saengsukkha

He found the teenager, who weighed 120 kilogrammes, lying face down on a mattress placed on the cement floor of the living room. She was still holding the plugged in mobile phone in her left hand and there were traces of fire on the charging cable.

Her mother, Ms. Usanan Wanichkul, 31, said Nong Mon started sleeping on the floor of the living room after her bed broke. Almost everyday she talked to her friends on her mobile phone till 2 a.m. but this morning when she came to wake her up she found that she had died.

Usanan added that at 1 a.m. she did hear her daughter scream loudly but was not concerned about it as she usually talks loudly and screams when chatting with her friends. She did come to have a look and at that time she was still alive and responded to her so she went back to sleep.

Pol. Lt. Col. Chaikrit suspects that the charging cable was damaged thus triggering an electric shock. Her body was taken for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death after which will be given back to her family for a funeral.


The plugged in mobile phone that malfunctioned, top, and teenager’s body being taken for autopsy, Home Page. Photos: Naewna

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