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Man penniless after mobile phone fire guts house

A MAN in Trat province plunged into financial ruin after a mobile phone left charging by his grandchildren exploded and triggered a fire that completely gutted his two-storey wooden house, Amarin TV reported this afternoon (Jan. 14).

Pol. Lt. Kasipat Jaroonroj, duty officer at Laem Ngop station, was alerted to the fire at Mr. Thawin Kovatsakul’s house at 2.40 p.m. and rushed there with a fire engine to put out the blaze. 

However because this house was more than 20 kilometres away from the Subdistrict Administrative Organization office, it took them 30 minutes to get there and by then the house ablaze.

Aside from this house, a relative’s house next door was also damaged as was a motorcycle.

Villagers who had come to help put out the blaze said before the fire started Thawin had gone to buy some coconuts while his wife was resting at their relative’s house.

All of a sudden a mobile phone that was plugged in to charge exploded and started a fire that quickly spread through the house and finally completely destroyed it.


Thawin and his family standing near their gutted house.  Thai headline says, “financially wiped out.” Photos: Amarin TV

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