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Driver injured after truck’s tall load gets entangled with dangling electric wires

AN ACCIDENT in the middle of Phuket town led to the driver of a six-wheel truck carrying a high load of steel frames getting electrocuted and burnt after some of the frames got ensnared with live loose wires hanging down at a key intersection, Sanook.com and Ejan.co reported this morning (August 21, 2020).

The accident occurred yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Chao Fa West and Muang Chao Fa roads with the truck driver, Mr. Piya Pumnuan, rushed to the hospital and is now out of danger.

CCTV cameras near the intersection showed that the six-wheel truck, with a 2.5- metre high load of steel frames, slowed down and stopped at the intersection after the red lights came on. Once the lights turned green, the driver slowly drove on but then hit the high-voltage wires dangling down at the traffic island.

The driver quickly opened the door and got out of the vehicle but just then some tongues of flame burnt his feet and body, causing him to fall at the traffic island.

Another man got of the truck from the driver’s door and ran to the other side of the road before coming back to help the driver, but then had to dash again after the truck’s tyres exploded.

The badly-injured driver crawled a little further away from the island where he had fallen and was later assisted and taken to the hospital.


A composite photo showing the bad accident in Phuket yesterday afternoon. Photo: Sanook.com

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