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Chuan tells 2 MPs no punch-up in Parliament

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Speaker Chuan Leekpai this morning (August 21) told two MPs that brawling and punching up will not be tolerated in the legislative assembly after the two of them clashed fiercely on social media last night soon after one of them called on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign, Naewna and Sanook.com reported this afternoon.

Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, the leader of Thai Civilized Party, yesterday urged Gen. Prayut to step down as it he believes there will be a huge gathering on September 19 with those unemployed and affected by the current economic conditions joining students in demonstrating. He added that he is worried the demonstrators would come and surround the House during the fiscal 2021 national budget bill debate.

This led to Palang Pracharath Party MP for Bangkok Sira Jenjaka verbally blasting Mongkolkit over social media and altercation ended with the former filing a police report against the latter last night.

Chuan called both the MPs to a meeting this morning, with Sira going in first while Mongkolkit, who was waiting outside the office, went in next. They did not greet nor talk to each other.

Chuan said later that this conflict between the two MPs had harmed the House’s image but they should stick to arguing verbally and not come to blows. He had called both of them to talk to each other but Sira refused to do so and Mongkolkit also declined.

Asked by reporters what he would do if the two of them did actually punch each other up, Chuan emphasized that it would not happen and that he is writing down how the conflict started from the very beginning.


Above and below: MPs Sira and Mongkolkit at the Parliament this morning: Photos: Naewna

Insert: House Speaker Chuan Leepai. Photo: Chuan’s  Facebook page

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